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Fabiia Signature

Our signature line of furniture was developed with a simple aim of creating high quality objects that are made keeping in mind human comfort and well-being at the heart of it’s core. In that respect, there’s more to feel than to see. The objects are thus meant to create an emotional and physical connection with the user where they are valued as desirable and timeless pieces.

What fascinates us even more, is the making of these pieces, where at times artisans from various factories and often countries meet and the unexpected results and accidental surprises that arise from the cross-cultural collaboration and meeting of worlds that creates a completely new dimension.

We describe our design narrative as simple and non-trendsetting but comfortable and beautiful made with a lot of care and thought put into every detail. When we decided to put together our collection, we let our imagination and thoughts run wild about how it should look and what it should feel like. We stumbled on more subjectives - happiness, comfort, dream-like, cozy, lasting, capacious, beautiful, timeless…. That’s exactly what the Fabiia Signature will always be.